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Setup Microsoft office 2013 – In the world of computers and technology, embracing its literacy is the doorstep to having a convenient life both at home, school or place of work. Computers normally run on an Operating system which carries its software part. Understanding the right operating system to purchase with your computer is key to the nature of your work. These operating systems include Linux, Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. Inside these operating systems, you install applications of different nature. Those applications are the interface and gateway into the service or task you need to carry out. In this article, we shall look at the Microsoft office 2013 version, an essential computer package that is hard to survive without in IT.

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Microsoft office 2013

It is an office application designed by Microsoft incorporation to perform quite a number of tasks that drives day to day enterprise. It is a version of 2013 which is a successor to the 2010 version and a predecessor to Microsoft office 2016 with improved features and functionalities. It comes with user-friendly interfaces, extended file formats, touch support among other features we will discuss independently.


It started being developed in 2010 but on 16th July 2012, Microsoft called for a press conference and showcased the office 2013 and thereafter released a customer preview. On 11th October 2012 the application was officially released as fully functional version. On January 29th 2013, Microsoft Office 2013 was released for general availability with downloads available on the internet.

Software support and compatibility

The software has great compatibility which stretches across the majority of operating systems. It is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. However, we shall discuss its availability in Windows OS which is the most common. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit and ARM windows. It also requires Windows 7 version, server 2008 Windows R2 and above. Additionally, its version comes installed in Windows RT devices although its mainstream system of support ended in 2018 while its extended support will end on 11th April 2023.

Setup Microsoft Office 2013 applications The package comes with several applications with 35 different languages. They include; Onenote, Word, Publisher, Excel, Powerpoint, Vision, Sharepoint Designer, Office picture, Ms Access and Outlook. The package comes in 12 different editions where five are subscription-based through the office-365 program, Two available on volume licensing channel, three for retail outlet, Office web apps and Office RT available on mobile devices and tablets.

Cost implications

Due to cost distribution across a huge world population of computer consumers, Office 2013 has been made quite affordable over time. Out of the 12 editions, the office web apps are normally available for free however; companies can obtain a license for on-premise installation. Another free version is the mobile RT apps like Ms excel and Ms Windows that are available on Google play store for Android, App store and Windows Phone. On the other hand, you can purchase its desktop license which comes as an office product key to unlock all desktop office applications. You can also purchase a license for the 5 programs on Microsoft office 365 which is the best preference for companies and institutions as a mailing domain among other features.

You can access the office 2013 products through this link and download your choice. Moreover, you can obtain some additional applications not among the twelve which are:- Ms Visio, Ms SharePoint Designer and Ms Project.

Product features

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-The most recent version of setup Microsoft 2013 has great features which have been part of improvement from the previous 2010 version. It encompasses cloud-based mode, domain login, office 365 account or Microsoft account which can be synced with all Microsoft applications installed including their documents. There is also the Onedrive platform where users can upload and save their documents. you need to visit

-It includes updated support on ISO/IEC 29500, the internationally known standard version as office open XML file format. It also supports full read, edit and writes options for ISO 32000. Downloading Office 2016 from here.

-More advanced New read mode features on Microsoft word, presentation mode for powerpoint and improved touch.

-Microsoft word has the ability to insert audio and video from online sources as well as broadcasting documents on web.

-There are new bookmark-like features available in Word and powerpoint where you can sync document at one position across different computers.

-Ribbon interface now has a flattering look and some animations when selecting or typing.

-Microsoft Outlook has got a new visualization useful in scheduled tasks.

-Advanced graphical options are now available in Microsoft word.

-Remodeled start screen.

-Free movement of objects such as images snapping to boundaries such as document edges, column boundaries and paragraph edges.

-Online picture support for embedding from, Flicker and Bing.

-Easy return to recently opened document in Word and Powerpoint.

-Powerpoint 2013 has new designs of slides, new transitions and animations when preparing slides and browsing them.

-Microsoft Outlook supports and

-Supports integration with Skydrive, Skype, and Yammer where you can use your Microsoft account to easily access them.

-There is a special folder for IMAP.

-As from Microsoft office 2013, you can freely and separately download proofing tools without former bundling by Language interface packs (LIPs), single language packs or Multi-lingual user interface.

-Extended limit on characters, Number of tables per model, string length, concurrent number of requests per workbook etc.

System requirements

Although some apps have a specific system requirement, these are basic requirements for your computer to accept Microsoft office 2013 installation

-CPU: 1GHZ of clock speed, IA-32, X64 architecture which has SSE2 support.

-RAM: 1GB for IA-32 edition and 2GB for X64

-Hard disk: minimum of free 3GB of space.

-Software: .NET Framework 3.5 and above.

-Operating system: Windows 7, 8,8.1, 10, Windows Server- 2008 R2 and windows server- 2012 R2

-Graphics hardware acceleration requiring 1024 X576 pixels and above of screen resolution

-Optionally for better performance, you need a GPU compliant to DirectX-10 with a minimum of 64 GB video memory.


Setup Microsoft Office 2013 is quite easy and simple to use with lots of guides upon new installation. This makes it easy for anyone who is new to Microsoft packages or used to the previous version has a great experience with computer technology. Again, you need to evaluate your Microsoft package needs and decide whether it is a heavy work that needs computer-based application or mobile. This will also reflect on your budget but you can begin with free platforms but avoid cracks and software hacks available on the internet which can give a gateway into viruses for your device.