Microsoft Office 365

How to Install and Uninstall Office 365 Setup

Microsoft Office 365 product key setup or Install, can be effective for any business with the most up-to-date tools from Microsoft. In this article, we will discuss installation, uninstall procedures, and errors during installation.

Microsoft Office 365 product key setup or Install

Microsoft office 365

You can install it for your home products and business. Some home products come with a product key. If you have this, then first you need to sign in with a new or existing account, and then you will have to enter your product key at In the absence of a product key, you can start from the step 1 given below.

Step 1

Sign in to download the Office. For this, you need to go to and then sign in. You need to sign in with an account associated with this version of Office. The account might be work account, school account, or Microsoft account.

Step 2

Once you are signed in with an account, the next step will be to install office from Office Homepage. Now you can select run, setup, or save file depending on your browser. You need to select run in Internet Explorer, Save File in Firebox, and Setup in Chrome.

When the installation is finished, you will see a phrase saying “You are all set! The office is installed now”. Then you will see an animation showing where you will find the office 365 application on your computer. You are done. 

How to redeem office product key

The process is simple. You just need your current product key to get the new one. For this, you need to visit You will have to sign in to your Microsoft account that you use for Office 365. Now, you can enter your twenty-five character product key and then choose next. You will be asked to choose your region or country and language. After entering all these, you will have to click on next. You will get the automatic renewal by default.

How to uninstall

You can uninstall office 365 by following a few instructions. You can start by clicking your setting and select the Office 365 setting. Now you can click install and manage software. After this, you will find a Manage Installs section. In this section, you will get remove option next to the list. All you need to do is to click on that to deactivate office 365. You will get a message to confirm your request. Click on yes to confirm deactivation. That’s it.

What error will customers face during installation?

You can do the installation following the above steps. However, you may face some common errors during the installation. Many users find it hard to sign-in. The solution is simple. While using an account, make sure that you are using the correct password and email id to your personal copy of the software. System compatibility error might occur when you try to install 365 Office in Windows XP and Vista. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your PC has Windows 7 or above. If it is taking longer to install, then check if the older version is installed on your PC. With older version installed, it will take more than usual time to install. You can also turn off your antivirus software temporarily to make the installation fast. More UK