Microsoft Office 2016 setup

Microsoft Office 2016 setup – popularly referred to as Office 2016, is one of the latest versions of the Microsoft Office Productivity Suite. It succeeds Office for Mac 2011 and Office 2013. Microsoft released it on MacOS in July 2015 and on MS Windows in September 2015. It has many additional features that you will find interesting.

For example, you can save, edit, open, and create files in the cloud from your desktop. You can do that directly without using a third party app to facilitate this process. It also has a search tool for commands that are available in PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Word. Co-authoring documents in real time among users is also possible if they share an Office Online Connection.

How to Install Office 2016

The first step is logging into your Office 365 account, and then downloading Office 2016 from here. Then click on install now. Click ‘Run,’ say yes to this installation process, and stay online. You will see ”Save File” instead of ‘Click Run’ if you are using Mozilla Firefox. You might see ‘Setup’ if you are using Google Chrome.

Office 2016 will start preparing for installation after you complete the first step. It will identify the applications that are in this Office Suite. They include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. The other apps are Publisher, Access, and Skype for Business in addition to OneDrive for Business.

Office 2016 will launch after it completes the identification and installation of these applications. The process is complete, and now you can launch individual applications from your computer. Go to ‘Start’ and then click on ‘All Programs.’ Look for Office 2016 setup. Click on it, and then launch the specific application that you want.

How to Get the Office 2016 Product Key

You can find your product key on the packaging that came with Office 2016. Alternatively, you can examine your email receipt if you bought it from an online store. Enter this product key as you sign in to your Microsoft account to download the Office 2016 setup. Only then can you access the Office 2016 Setup button to facilitate the download. More –

How to Uninstall Office 2016

Go to the control panel if you are using Windows. Click on the ‘Uninstall a program’ link that you can find under the icon titled ‘Programs.’ Clicking on it will lead you to the ‘Programs & Features’ Panel. Scroll down this panel to locate Microsoft Office 2016. Select it and then right click on it to uninstall it. Click ‘close’ when the uninstallation process is complete. This process is a bit different for MacOS. Go to ‘Applications’ under Finder. Select all the Mac applications under Office 2016. Then move all of them to the trash bin.